Food and Baseball

Food and sports go together hand in hand. Eating food is a major part of both playing sports and watching them. Granted, the types of foods that fans and athletes eat are quiet different. Fans are often depicted with stains all over their shirts scarfing down wings and beer while athletes load up on chicken breasts and fish in order to keep their bodies in tip top shape. However, no matter what you are, a fan or an athlete, the right food is crucial to the overall experience of the game. Frankly, I think we can all relate more to the foods the fans eat because a hot dog is just simply more entertaining and delicious than a slice of grilled chicken accompanied by some sorts of nuts and a couple of pieces of asparagus. I don’t know where the nuts come into play, but the words are flowing right now. I didn’t choose the blog life, the blog life chose me. Anyway, moving on, lets get to the meat of the subject matter shall we. Which sport is food one of the most crucial parts of the viewing experience for fans? The answer is baseball. There is no better sport to watch live than America’s national pastime and part of the reason for that is all the delicious foods one can consume for a small fortune. With this post, I’m going to break down the best foods to eat when at a baseball game and at what point they should be eaten.

2nd/3rd Inning

Picture this, you just entered the ball park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon for a marquee match up between your hometown heroes and their cross state rivals. 75 degrees outside, not a cloud in the sky, the field is beautifully groomed, and their is a perfect breeze preventing you from uncontrollably sweating (My friend has a problem). First pitch is at 1:05 pm, just around chow time. You can’t go in the 1st inning because you got to see both pitchers start the game. The perfect time to go is in between the bottom of the 2nd and the top of the 3rd. What do you get? Well, this is where you go with your main course of the day. You need something to give you a solid base and keep you full for most of the game. You have two obvious choices here. You can get Babe Ruth’s favorite piece of meat, the hotdog, or you can go with the bratwurst. Now just getting a hot dog or a bratwurst isn’t enough. The most important part of these two wieners is the toppings and condiments that are used. For the hot dog, don’t be the person that just gets ketchup. Listen, no one cares what you do in the privacy of your own home, but when you’re out in public at the ball game, you got to get the works. I’m talking ketchup, relish, mustard. If your feeling dangerous, throw some onions on there. Hell, at Camden Yards once, I got a hot dog with crabs and macaroni and cheese on it. I don’t even like crabs, but i couldn’t let the whole stadium know that. I had to get it just for the experience. For the bratwurst, you got to throw some peppers and onions on there. Maybe some chilli. The fact of the matter is, unless you’re a 5-year-old child, just ketchup on your hot dog or bratwurst is simply not an option.


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5th/6th Inning

It’s the bottom of the 5th, you’ve been at the game for probably an hour and half now. You start to hear your stomach make some weird noises, but you don’t necessarily have the bones to shell out for another loaded hot dog or sausage. This is where the snack game comes into play. The beauty of the snack game is you have an infinite amount of choices. You can go with the classics like peanuts and cracker jacks. You also have the option to load up on sunflower seeds. There is nothing more entertaining than packing a cheek full of sunflower seeds and just mercilessly spitting shells all over the place. There’s something about baseball that just makes me want to spit. Can’t control it. Don’t want to. That’s the magic of baseball. Now stick with me here because I’m about to throw a curve ball at you guys. A great snack at both baseball games and all other sporting events is………drum roll please……………………..Twizzlers. The chewy ropes of strawberry deliciousness are a perfect snack to much on at sporting events. They keep you full and they provide a great way to simply stay busy as the innings drag on.














7th/8th Inning

Going into the 8th Inning, it’s about time you get some dessert. Now when you think of dessert at a baseball game, you think of cotton candy right? Well, I’m here to get you to stop thinking so foolishly. Cotton candy might be the most overrated snack/dessert/food/candy in the world. I mean, it doesn’t really taste like anything, it disintegrates in your mouth, so you don’t feel like your eating anything, and it’s just plain sticky. It gets all over your fingers and makes your mouth feel weird. Not to mention, it’s just expensive. So what should you get? Minute Maid frozen lemonade. Boom! Next question. Why should you get it? Let me paint another picture for you. You’ve been sitting in the hot sun all day, you’ve been chattering non-stop to your team, you’re exhausted from standing up and doing the wave 10000 times, and you need something to quench your thirst and cool you down. You see the vendor coming your way with the Minute Maid logo and your mouth begins to water. It doesn’t matter if it costs five dollars or fifty, you’re getting some damn frozen lemonade. You flag him down and make the purchase. What’s your first move? You rub the bottle over your face to cool you down. After that, you open the sucker up and take that first bite and you’ve been reborn!! With that first bite, all is right in the world. Whether or not your team wins or loses, you can leave that baseball game on high note and that’s all that matters.

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Baseball fans aren’t the only ones to indulge in the fine cuisine that the ball park has to offer. Some baseball players themselves have been caught eating not the healthiest of foods. Terry Francona, former manager of the Red Sox, basically got fired from his job because the front office thought he lost control of his players. How did he loose control? His pitching staff enjoyed a little too much fried chicken and beer. Personally, I don’t see the issue, but than again I’m not the owner of a professional baseball team. In 2011, C.C. Sabathia lost 25 pounds because he dropped Cap’n Crunch from his diet. You couldn’t pay me to stop eating Cap’n Crunch. Period.That brings me to Bartolo Colon, a pitcher for the New York Mets. I don’t really have a story about him, but a picture is worth a 1000 words.

This mans had a couple of hot dogs washed down with some twizzlers Image Source:

This man’s had a couple of hot dogs washed down with some Twizzlers
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Baseball, whether you’re a fan or a player, is all about the grub. So make sure you catch a game or two this summer. No other sporting experience like it.