Name is John Davis and I am a senior at the University of Maryland. I’m doing one more semester, but I think the title senior still counts. I am on the rugby team here and in my storied career i have two Atlantic Coast Rugby League championships, and I’ve made the All-ACRL 1st team 3 times with an honorable mention my freshman year. These accolades may seem impressive and it may appear that I’m boasting but hey, facts are facts. Unfortunately none of that really matters because no one really knows what rugby is or the rules. In terms of the USA, some would say we’re on the same level of ultimate Frisbee.  I’ve made my peace with it.

Other than being an irrelevant, stellar athlete, I am also a huge sports fan in general. My favorite sport is basketball and I try to watch and play it as much as I can. Growing up in College Park, I’m an avid Terps hoops fan and even though they’ve been given me headaches for the past 5 or 6 years, I cant seem to shake em. Family is from New England, so I’m a huge fan of the Red Sox and Patriots as well. I love Sprite and having ridiculous sporting opinions that create some controversy.


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